The Tiny Seed - an investigation into germination

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Plants are vital to the natural world and to our existence and as such we must take care of them and their environment. Plants regulate the carbon cycle and therefore maintain earths overall temperature. That might be a bit complex for younger students but they can appreciate that plants give us the oxygen we require to breathe while absorbing CO2Interesting facts and growing plants with children can help stimulate a lasting interest and understanding of why we need to care for our environment.

  Doing science is a natural and critical part of children’s early learning and develops their understanding and curiosity about the natural world. In this STEM lab, you will create a mini greenhouse inspired by Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed. Germinating seeds in a bag is a fun way for kids to discover how seeds transform into plants. Seeds don't need soil to start growing! The greenhouse seed window is ideal to observe sprouting seeds. 

Students will  put scientific skills to the test and investigate germination - do seeds need water to sprout, what about light, or temperature? Record observations, carry out experiments and create your very own mini greenhouse that can used again. 


Go to lesson plants to download your free activity guide including greenhouse template.



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