Scientastic Workshop

Our aim is to make  STEM learning a creative and fun education experience for all. A series of STEM labs that focus on real world problem solving and innovation. Designed to ignite curiosity and foster creativity, critical thinking and exploration. 

A widely recognised approach to enhance learners’ ability to solve complex problems, whilst also acquiring relevant information about the natural sciences is via inquiry-based science education (IBSE). This pedagogical methodology introduces students to STEM subjects in an active way by introducing questions, problems or scenarios aimed at developing students understanding whilst also honing their ability to arrive at reasonable solutions.

 We offer a range of hands on STEM Labs:

- Solar Explorer Lab

-WindTurbine Design Challenge

-Polymers, Plastic and Slime

-Hydrogen and the Electric Car

-Junior STEM lab

-Ocean Chemistry Lab


Our programme is suitable for both primary and second level students. Drop us an email to explore options suitable for your learning group.