Online Training Modules

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Designed by Educators for Educators 

We engage educators in high quality, hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teaching tools and learning experiences. Offering  a fresh innovative approach to teaching we make it possible to implement STEM based subjects with ease and confidence.   An inquiry based learning curriculum that ensures not only do students acquire relevant content information about the natural sciences but also increase problem solving skills and critical thinking.  An approach that is driven by real world application, discovery and exploration, students are working like real scientists.  Fostering creative thinking through STEM subjects is of utmost importance for future innovation and development.

Most primary educators don’t have a science background and often cite confidence in teaching STEM subjects a barrier. We developed specific STEM training and resources to overcome these challenges. The modules are packed full of practical hands-on STEAM based activities designed to equip educators  and teachers with the essential skills to implement an engaging curriculum.  We provide top quality lesson plans, step by step video guides, practical activities and suggested STEM resources. Our courses are also equally relevant to informal education settings such as libraries and community groups. 


 Modules include:

  • STEAM in Junior classes or preschool setting
  • Stepping into Electricity and Energy
  • Engineering and problem solving 
  • Renewable Energy - low carbon technology